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while packing for the legendary (and once again last) annual “duke” mtb race – this year being dubbed “duke of trash” since the location has been a former waste dump – i pondered bout taking the LX3 with me.. mh.
seconds later i had unpacked the nikon gear and filled my bag with a sony R1, some light and well, the LX3 – so no mirror-flapping for me that day..

on the dump i happened to find an elinchrom quadra right next to the channel of my own transmitter (thanks step ;)), so some shots were lit with that – others with one or two of my SB80s.. unfortunately the sky went grey a little too early, so i couldn’t take advantage of the “no-x-sync” shutters for too long..

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March 22nd, 2010 at 2:13 am

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