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fast backward 2001. the time when video was still watched on those bulky square tubes in the livingroom, mainly transported on brown ribbons wound up on coils in black plastic boxes.
i was asked to shoot photos at a regatta down in croatia, and as i’m there, maybe i could shoot some video-footage of one of the teams – they’ll bring a camera..

what it turned out to become was a complete promotional video for the team and one of it’s sponsors, of course for a very small budget – but well – quality wasn’t that high either with the lack of preparation and equipment..

we had a couple of hours dedicated video-shooting after each day’s flight of the regatta – as always with sailing – with too little wind.. the wide-angle adapter i happened to have with me luckily fitted on the camera they brought, and with some juggling i also made it through with the handful of DV-tapes i had.. so with the rather limited footage i was *then* asked if i wouldn’t cut this thing either.. well.. i tried to – no need to mention how demanding to the hardware it was back then.. i vaguely remember i even had to “print” this out to vhs-tape in the end..

to bring it back in the future i just removed the fields and added some grainy film effect to camouflage that old DV-“quality”, which just doesn’t look good anymore for today’s standards..

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February 17th, 2010 at 1:30 pm

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