red bull road rage

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early september i’ve been down in switzerland, near bern, covering the first european “red bull road rage” – an on-road downhill-race.

080906, Red Bull RoadRage, Gurnigelpass, Schweiz

what began with a beautiful morning in the swiss mountains more and more developed to what was predicted: heavy rainfalls starting right after noon. so besides the problems to cover such event alone (long distances, no way to move on the (only) road while the race is on), it was a real challenge to keep my stuff dry and functional.. of course the remotes soon gave up due to the humidity – so i mainly had to rely on the cam in my hand.
to move, i had an mtb with me, rolling down was the easy part, but getting up that (really steep) road with the heavy weight on the back took a lot of time.. for one major move i was lucky to (literally) get hold of one of the motorbikes securing the track – which wasn’t that easy either though.. holding that guy’s arm with my left (weak) hand, my bike straight with the other, still the heavy backpack on my back, and that all while going steep up with 40km/h or more.. not so funny. and did i mention the heavy rain? not that the water would stay on the ground if one rolls upwards with broad mtb-tires.. :(

see me in action @1:27 8)

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December 19th, 2008 at 3:51 am

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    30 May 09 at 6:32 pm

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