1Dscussion .. soon after getting my nikon D1 back in ’99 i became a member of juergen specht’s legendary mailing-list, the D1scussion-list .. and *very* soon after having my canon 1D in hands i knew that i would miss that resource of information based on very professional members. so juergen and me agreed on doing a seperate canon-list, hosted on his established system, moderated by me. some members switched over, but discussion never really got running, and after some time we had to realize that the age of mailing-lists seems to be over – at least starting new ones isn’t that easy with an internet full of forums and blogs. so the list was silently phased out. the original nikon list still exists, and with it’s broad user base from the early days and an average age of it’s members of 45(!) years it likely will stay this way for a while..

Bibble .. most of the photos you see in my galleries were shot in a RAW format, therefore special software is needed to browse and convert them to something everyone can see with a simple webbrowser. one of these applications is “bibble”. having started with a D1 as i have, eric hyman from austin/texas, also was an early member of the D1scussion-list and from there i always saw his program growing and tried it every now and then.. sometime back the last years he asked for beta-testers on the list, we got in contact, and somehow things worked out well.. despite the time-shift our strange work-days (or rahter nights) complement well, eric is open enough to implement suggestions of us, the testers, and well.. he’s a cat-guy as well.. .. working with RAW, knowing the initiator – it’s hard to not getting involved with this. it’s all about the lack of documentation of these RAW-formats cameras put out, which essentially means that some time in the future these photos might be not readable anymore – meaning: lost forever. the initiative is trying to convince camera-makers that this is no good at all, and hope that one day they will change their mind and safe our work for future generations by openly documenting these file-formats.. i’m doing various graphic-design for the movement, whatever is needed, lately the presentation of the 2006 survey .. is a digital sports photoservice from germany, a company founded and owned by two students from aachen. i worked for them for two years, mainly independently covering events in austria with my own team of photographers. having been fascinated by the concept and sporty attitude at first – i soon had to realize that much of it is just a facade to boost their personal commercial success, the loosing party of it being the photographers (also my team) who are actually really doing the work. not my kind of game. it’s been a great time, and i learned a lot – not only about photography obviously.
also a big part of their current site was designed by me, though i would have envisioned it a lot different.

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June 2nd, 2006 at 4:02 am

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