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as i likely won’t ever do a proper “official” homepage, where i wouldn’t even know what to put up – as many things i do i feel are way too boring to be shown in public – i thought i’d better start with the nicer things, things that are fun to do or simply different.. as i’m no real artsy kind of guy this won’t be any of the usual highly creative stuff, but rather documentations of the real world, seen differently, or simply seen in the first place.. this might be jobs (though likely rather low- to no-budget ones), fun-projects or simply picks from a holiday (which reminds me.. wouldn’t it be time yet again?)..

“me” is markus kreiner, born ’77, grown up and living in a village a little north of vienna/austria/europe, working selfemployed as photographer, graphic designer, computersupporter and all of those three mixed up and extended in any way possible.. in short – doing something different every day. favourite parts of photography are anything action-related, be it sports, rock-concerts or chasing bugs, things that have that “certain moment to be catched” involved..

also, i’m an avid geek.. .. .. and likely this page won’t ever get finished..

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May 23rd, 2006 at 5:34 pm

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