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just a quick link to the two latest (and likely last for this year) events i did with/for

first the mountainbike world cup finals in schladming which were – well – worldcup.. a little more of everything all around, spectators, racers, skills.. and some disciplines i haven’t shot before.. in the gallery u find some of my favourite shots plus some of fellow shooter matteo (all file’s names not starting with “MK”) who was with me covering this event.


and then there was munich, another 24 hour race, actually the biggest one in europe.. 1500 participants, resulting in over 44000 photos online for them.. interesting track in the munich “olympia-park”, was fun and of course straining again – but well – for the love of sport ;) .. as we’ve been a lot of photographers there many of my photos look quite similar as we all stayed at single spots for a longer time than usual, of course also having to take into account the huge number of bikers, many being part of teams and therefore not being on the track all the time..


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November 10th, 2006 at 12:34 am

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