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went there quite motivated, after the great shots i got from the dresden dolls in krems, but didn’t figure light could be *that* bad compared to krems.. and well, half of the bands haven’t been to my taste either.. there seems no lineup up anymore on the festivals’ site so i don’t have much info bout the bands at hand..

wolf eyes. one of the ones being too extreme. real noise. there might be times this is fun, but not that day. we left for chinese dinner after some “tunes” 8) so.. no photos of them.

battles. just in time got back for the last tracks of them.. they seem to be cool. electronic/funky/experimental/beatbox-whatever.. cool mix after all. pics

gang gang dance. not mine again. still i took some pics before leaving for a beer.. but that voice.. and did i mention the bad light?.. thanks for the beer-break ;) pics

architecture in helsinki. the most well known band of the evening, fun to watch 8 or so folks on the stage, ever switching positions and instruments.. i think live they sound very different to their records.. pics

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May 4th, 2006 at 3:54 pm

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