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sitting on a mountainbike for 24 hours must be fun. so why not doing it – bunch of friends of mine thought – and one of them registered a team of four for the euro-championships.. being their substitute i was lucky enough that all of the four were fit for the race, as i trained a little too little the last weeks before the race..


so i was mainly there to help the team and shoot photos, and as i had a 30d at hand i thought that would be a nice possibility to give it a test-drive – which i did.. i shot a lot of trash which i already put where it belongs, and of course many pics of our team, but the less “personal” ones i put up in this gallery..

[edit: it was there where i met the sportograf-guys first, so i thought i should add this, for historical reasons :)]

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June 21st, 2006 at 1:03 am

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