the dresden dolls in krems

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it happened to be the 30th birthday of the female half of the dresden dolls – amanda – and it turned out to be an incredible concert. i again (like with chicks on speed the year before) took my camera and a single lens with me (1d”+85/1.2) as i didn’t know what security checks would be like and if one was allowed to shoot – well i should have read the dolls’ page in advance..


however.. pics turned out to be great again (as last year), somehow that stage suits me and this cam/lens-combo well, given the fact everything was shot from audience again they’re pretty amazing.. but of course it’s also the good lighting which makes the main difference.

on the pics one also sees ‘peaches’ – who played on the very same festival the day before, was still there and came on stage twice (not sure how much of a surprise it really was, but they played it quite well) as a birthday-present for amanda.

Written by markus

April 30th, 2006 at 11:59 pm

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  1. […] went there quite motivated, after the great shots i got from the dresden dolls in krems, but didn’t figure light could be *that* bad compared to krems.. and well, half of the bands haven’t been to my taste either.. there seems no lineup up anymore on the festivals’ site so i don’t have much info bout the bands.. […]

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