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vincent’s kittenhood

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after kind of a weeks-long lasting near-death-experience (seperate post to come) with our tomcat vincent i finally had to take the time to work up his youth-pix, which never ever made it into a proper gallery. kind of celebrating his second birth, or third yet.. vincent came to us after having quite some bad luck yet, likely having been hit by a strimmer while sleeping in grass and afterwards been put in front of the door of a befriended vet who patched him up .. his initial name should have been “lancelot”, but as the tip of his right ear is cut off, it simply had to be something more appropriate.. remember van gogh? 8)


pics were taken between june 2005 and december 2006 – yes the last ones are him as well, that’s what a free running tom looks like in winter ;) also some shots of gizmo in there, but not too many as the two don’t get along too well, so barely ever are close to each other..

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September 20th, 2007 at 10:16 pm

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