side effect in the vienna chelsea

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my friends of side effect rocking the vienna chelsea, quite a small venue, which’s lighting isn’t the most liked among photographers.. so besides playing a little with off-camera-flashes i also decided to shoot this one black&white, tri-x 400 sounds like an appropriate film, doesn’t it? :)


so, me shooting on film again.. you think!.. ;) the real story is that finally there is someone writing plugins for bibble, my favourite raw-converter, and one of those is “andy” by sean puckett. it’s doing black&white and it’s not just a simple desaturation as most programs would do to digital (color-)files but a real simulation of the tonality of black&white films and papers.. so for all old-school photogaphers still speaking darkroom: shot on tri-x, enlarged on fomaspeed normal contrast – all available in the free version of andy, with the pro-version of this plugin one could even choose developer/times, contrast of papers and many other freaky options..

Written by markus

October 15th, 2006 at 9:48 pm

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