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or.. the challenge of doing something different..

yesterday, arena, vienna.. the fabulous dresden dolls.. again. following my pics of krems/donaufestival i got invited to shoot in the arena as well, officially.. which doesn’t necessarily make a difference, but at least one has an armstrap to show if one of the venue’s staff is getting too curious bout a big lens..


“3 songs from the ditch” – ok .. why not.. though i’m usually using the first songs to watch band and light from a little distance, but if i may.. why not. as expected, it was rather useless.. way too close, and obstacles like video-tripods aren’t too helpfull either to get to the proper angle.. and the timelimit of 3 songs is way to tight.. the rest i thought i would shoot from the crowd, but uh-oh.. never seen the arena that full, so plan b was to get up to the gallery and hoping folks up there would let me to the frontrow – which worked out. but that means that most of the time i shot from one and the same position – hence variance has to happen in post-production/presentation, so i decided to try square only crops.. for now.. will put up another gallery with a different selection and crops if time serves..

[update] did i say different crops?.. nah.. let’s do no crops at all, those are as out of camera, just with a little less color ;) to the gallery [/update]

concert in general was a good show as always, though esp. amanda looked quite tired to me yet.. guess touring that long takes it’s toll.. light was good (that’s why the light-guy got his pic of fame either 8)), though krems still was a tad bit better..

also have some shots of the rare instances when thomas truax (who played support) got some light shed on him and/or was on stage, will put them up some time later.. hang on.. [update] here they are [/update]

[to solve the mystery ’bout this post’s title – likely noone will get it who hasn’t been at the show.. amanda twisted some words in the beginning of “first orgasm” .. which should have said “i make some coffee I eat some rice chex” .. go figure.. 8)]

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June 1st, 2006 at 1:37 pm

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  2. […] at least the first one i took photos of. this time the arena in vienna prove how much it’s a matter of the light how good pix can get, compared to the last dresden dolls gig there, this time it sucked big time.. many times i found myself (at the edge of the stage) more lit than the guys up there.. no use to even think about shooting clempi (the drummer) as he sat in complete darkness, and also the rest of the light was way more color than light – a photographer’s definition of “bad” 8) […]

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