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not too much variance in the concerts-category lately, so again it is Side Effect “on stage”, though in this case there was no real stage.. it has just been a mini-gig combined with the presentation of their new video, which you can watch here.. and it was the goodbye of armand, who played his last concert, after 12 years quitting his glamorous and excessive life as a rock’n’roll-star turning towards a boring and oldfashioned family-life.. 8)
(just kidding, but don’t worry armand, nobody is reading this anyways.. ;))


as said, the concert happened “at eye level” in the vienna “kunsthalle”, meaning there was no real stage, as well as there was no real stage-lighting.. so it was mainly dogfight with the 20mm + one wireless flash (silly me left the second at home), but there are also some shots with the 85/1.2 and available light..

and well, of course the photos are a little armand-centric, as most of the last 12 years he was most often the least photographed one of the four i had to change this at least for once.. :)

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February 13th, 2007 at 12:46 am

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